Industrial style kitchens: 5 keys to recreate them

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Industrial style kitchens are one of the trends that devastates the design of any room in the house, including the kitchen. A fashion that, in addition to favoring the mixture of styles, has boosted the taste for industrial aesthetics, especially when it comes to recreating interiors with a modern and urban look.

This commitment to the industrial style has endless possibilities , from designs, integrate the past into current estilismos to put a touch vintage, to create a hundred percent industrial, modern and avant-garde, which evokes the professional kitchens decorations. That is, it is an aesthetic that does not have to be limited to retro interiors. Do you want to know the 5 keys to recreate this style? Continue reading!

Industrial style kitchens keys to create

1. BRICK WALLS SEENIndustrial style kitchens

The brick seen in interiors fits with any decorative proposal; It goes great for this type of modern kitchens and ideal in both large kitchens and small kitchens. To achieve industrial style kitchens, the ideal would be to combine the brick with steel surfaces, either in appliances, furniture or countertop, and retro-style pieces, such as ceiling lamps, stools or an auxiliary cart. Wood is always a perfect complement with which to enhance the warm effect of the brick seen.

In addition to being able to find a wide variety of bricks that usually appear in the renovations of old houses, there are ceramic cladding and polyurethane panels with which you will get an industrial style decoration.

2. METAL BEAMSIndustrial style kitchens

There are original building elements that give the interiors a very special charm. Sometimes, we can take advantage of these elements. Such as the exposed wooden beams, to make them part of the decoration.

A perfect choice for rustic kitchens is iron beams or corten steel, another hallmark of this design. The exposed beam works as one more detail, although it can also be used to visually delimit spaces in industrial-style houses in which the kitchen is open to the living room.

3. DARK COLORSIndustrial style kitchens

Black and gray tones – two color ranges that devastate the design of kitchens – are the most suitable for decorating kitchens in an industrial style. To enhance this design, the idea is to play with these tones in furniture, coverings and lighten it with light wood surfaces. Steel pipes and industrial-style furniture reinforce this aesthetic. In addition, it is the ideal style for you to take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate blackboards, which will give a unique and practical touch to the kitchen.

Another option is to look for appliances that fit well in the atmosphere of dark colors and surroundings, in this case, the NEFF decorative vertical hood allows you to capture in it all the ideas and memories that come to mind, to create relaxed, informal and perfect for the kind of style we are talking about.

4. MICROCEMENT AND CONCRETEIndustrial style kitchens

The sober and crude appearance of these two materials gives any room an attractive touch of modernity and avant-garde. The microcement is a continuous coating that is used both in walls and floors and in furniture. Combined with concrete in walls and ceiling, as well as with steel ceiling lamps. Kitchens with an attractive and modern industrial style are achieved.

A perfect decorative proposal for lovers of urban interiors, either with a retro point or an avant-garde bet.

5. A FRESH TOUCHIndustrial style kitchens

To compensate for the cold air transmitted by materials of industrial style kitchens. One option is to add plant details in the decoration. An idea that, in addition, is another trend that is gaining strength in the design of kitchens. Having aromatic plants nearby is never too much, since they not only serve as a decorative element, they also offer a very pleasant aromatic perfume. In addition, in the case of being aromatic such as laurel, thyme, lavender. We can always make use of them when we are in the creative process of our dishes.

With these keys, you could already put this style into practice. And launch yourself to create designs that will remind you of the New York houses of the 50s. If you do, we encourage you to share your experience with us, and above all to enjoy it with yours.

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