Facts everyone should know about climate change

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Climate change is a hot topic, with many theories as to why it is happening. We are now seeing the results of climate change, with increased global warming creating more unstable weather patterns. The consequences not only affect the environment but also the economic stability of countries and the health of their people. Here are some facts about climate change that everyone should know.

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Focus on renewable energy

There is now more demand for renewable energy, both industrially and in the home. Many people are using alternatives to fossil fuels, such as air source heat pumps and solar energy. The good news is that this technology is becoming cheaper for the average homeowner. Companies such as gsmlimited.com/services/air-source-heat-pumps/ can advise you on the alternatives to fossil fuels.

Increased rain

Climate change is affecting all regions of the world; for example, the UK is seeing more rainfall. According to the Met Office, the amount of rainfall we are seeing is significantly higher than over the last 40 years.

Springtime is earlier

Increased temperatures mean that trees in the UK are coming into leaf earlier – an average of ten days sooner than in the year 2000.

Increase in wildfires

Due to climate change, the frequency and severity of wildfires is becoming worse. Between 2018 and 2020, land affected by wildfires was estimated to be ten times the size of Yorkshire.

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Increase in diseases

Temperature changes create environments that let some types of disease thrive; what’s more, as global warming affects food production in many countries, diseases take hold due to people struggling with malnourishment having weaker immune systems.

Climate change affects us all. With more knowledge and awareness, we can help create change that makes a difference and learn to adapt to the changes in our environment.

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