Have you ‘heard’ these facts about ears?

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You would be unable to maintain your balance without your ears. The vestibular system is an intricate maze-like structure located inside your inner ear. Three canals are filled with fluid, and the small hair cells detect rotational movements of your head. Each semi-circular channel is located at an angle different from the others so that your brain can judge your head’s movement better. Each canal is responsible for a particular direction of head movements. The brain processes the information from the vestibular organs and sends it to the other organs, like the muscles and eyes. It allows us to stay balanced and know where our body is.

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You ears continue to “grow” as you age

It’s possible that you have heard that the ears and nose are the only two parts that grow throughout our lifetime. It’s not that they are literally growing. Most likely, it’s a combination between natural ageing and gravity. Our ears seem to get bigger as we age. This is because our cartilage slowly breaks down and gravity causes them to elongate with time.

Ears clean themselves

Ear Wax has a bad reputation. It’s actually a natural part of the ear. A normal ear wax is a good sign that your ears do a fantastic job of cleaning themselves. This ability to clean itself helps keep ears hydrated and protected. For help with Ear wax removal Birmingham, contact www.earwax.co.uk/ear-wax-removal-near-me/northfield-birmingham

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The hair on your ears is very important (and doesn’t grow back)

These tiny hair cells, or nerve fibres, help to maintain balance and also help us hear. These hair cells can easily be damaged and broken. Once they are broken, they do not grow back.

Sound exposure, natural ageing, and ear infections are some of the most common causes of this type of hair loss.

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