Why we love a wasteland in stories.

A popular narrative trope in many stories is that of the wasteland. The hero generally has to get across an inhospitable landscape that has been blighted by some kind disaster that has occurred naturally, by humans or by other worldly influences. Either way, to succeed in whatever quest they are on the heroes usually have […]

Getting back into dating

Going through a break-up or divorce can feel like the end of the world. However, as time passes, you will no doubt reach the point when you feel ready to get back out there. Here are some helpful hints to get back into dating: It’s ok to use dating apps Millions of single people worldwide […]

Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard

A classic amongst classics, this smash hit romantic, film thriller featuring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner has to be one of the best- and well-known films to come out of America.  Released in 1992 written by Lawrence Kasdan and directed by Mick Jackson features Costner as “Frank” an Agent formerly in the Secret Service.  Having […]

Thinking about going on a young, singles holiday?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to go on a singles holiday, either in Britain or abroad. If you are contemplating this type of adventure then do your homework, speak to friends and family and go through any plans with someone you trust.  When there is only you to please then the choice […]

Thinking about downsizing, kids left home?

There are many reasons that you and your family could be contemplating downsizing to a smaller property.  Maybe your children have left home and you and your partner are rattling around in a large empty house that no longer feels like a home? The key to a successful downsize is to get rid things you […]

Some of the More Unusual Pets you can own in

Do you want a pet, but not your usual cat or dog? If you love animals but are unsure about sharing your home with a live one you can always get an animal sculpture form https://www.gillparker.com/ but if you want to share your home with a creature of your own but are stuck for inspiration, […]

How to Choose the Best Conveyor System

Whether you are manufacturing small, medium or large products, your assembly process will likely benefit from a combination of automated and manual transfer operations. Image Credit The Influence of Product Life Cycles and Production Volume When determining which transfer operations will benefit most keenly from being automated, it is important to consider the life cycle […]

The great sound up on the roof.

The Drifters are one of the great bands of soul singers whose legacy can still be heard today. One of their most well known songs is “Up on the Roof” a classic from those celebrated composers and lyricists David Goffin and Carole King. King actually features on the recording itself as one of the pianists. […]

Answering Some Questions About Clinical  Trials

As the world struggles to contain a new pandemic, people are turning their attention to clinical trials. In the hope of finding a vaccine, people in the United States have volunteered to receive and experimental vaccine which could combat the deadly covid 19. But long before this pandemic, clinical trials have been used to fight […]

Reasons to Visit Hereford

Herefordshire – the county nestled in the Welsh borders and bordering the county of Gloucestershire and the stunning Forest of Dean, it is one of the Jewels in England’s crown. A county that is home to some of the county’s most stunning landscapes but also home to a wide range of shops and businesses such […]