Common boiler problems that can occur

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Our boilers are incredibly important for providing our homes with heat and hot water and there is nothing more frustrating than stepping in for your morning shower to find out that your heating system isn’t working correctly. There are a number of commons issues that can occur with your boiler and heating system and all of them should be looked at by a Boiler Service Cheltenham company such as to find ways in which the issue can be resolved and heating and hot water restored to the home.

Here are some of the problems that can occur and things for you to look out for.

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  • Noises – most of us aren’t usually aware of our boilers other than the occasional low humming as it fires up for the heating. If you start to notice loud noises, whistling and bang sounds then you should arrange for an engineer to come out and look at your system.
  • Leaks – any dripping water from your heating system should be checked out. It could be as a result of condensation or there may be a valve or a seal that has perished and become damaged and is allowing water to leak out of the system.

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  • Low heat – if your radiators aren’t heating up the way they used to you should first look at bleeding your radiators. If the heating issues still occur after this then there could be a wider issue with your boiler that needs to be investigated.

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