The day they found a caravan in the skip.

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You’ve just read that title and thought, really a whole caravan? It is actually quite true. Although it was not the Swansea Skip Hire company that found it, no doubt they could tell you a tale of the strange things that you find in skips but in this case this is the weirdest.

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What’s hard to fathom is why the person wanting to chuck away the caravan didn’t just drive it to a scrap yard? What surprised the contractor who came for it was that they’d not even bothered to try and cut it up. In what must have been a monumental effort they bodily picked it up and dumped it straight in.

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Suffice to say as you can see from the picture the caravan exceeds the fill line and the terms of conditions of the skip hire. Technically, the only part of it in the skip was the offside wheel.  Amazingly. The company agreed to take it away but only after it had been broken up. They also had to charge extra for the tyres. There was nothing else in the skip at all.

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