Protecting your back at work.

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We don’t mean making sure that you don’t get into trouble; we are referring to the protection of your physical back. The problems of back pain are real. About 2.8 million work days are lost because of chronic back pain in both the lower and the upper. However most of these, like sciatica, are preventable or at the very least they can be mitigated.

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One of the first things you can do is invest in a decent Draughtsman Chair. These are one of the best for desk work and a Draughtsman Chair from Best Buy Office Chairs is a great place to start. The chair should be to your specifications so that at no point is your posture compromised. You need a chair that does not let you slouch or stoop over the computer. A straight back or one that is at 135 degrees is considered to be the perfect angle.

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The other options to protect you back at work is to keep moving. Do not sit in the same place for more than forty minutes for example. Another idea is to see if you can get hold of a standing desk. Whilst it is just as detrimental to stay standing all day this bit of kit will get you up and moving plus it has other benefits of given confidence and the ability to speak with authority.

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