How to advertise on TikTok

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If you want to reach the largest possible audience with your advertising, then targeting the growing number of TikTok users could be a productive strategy, as long as you tailor your campaign to the specifics of this video-based platform as opposed to trying to replicate other forms of social media.

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Create an Ad

First, you need to open an ad account with the TikTok Ads Manager. Then you can install the TikTok Pixel to track information about the people visiting your site.

There is a campaign button that you can use to name your campaign, set a minimum budget and establish its objectives. Other options include creating an ad group, defining your target audience, and deciding whether you want standard or accelerated delivery. Once you have created the ad itself, you can boost it with TikTok Promote and continue to monitor its performance.

Types of Ads

There are many different types of TikTok ads, including in-feed video, brand takeover, video ads, carousel ads, image ads, spark ads, branded AR content, sponsored influencer content and hashtag challenge. In some countries, ads can also be integrated with the Pangle platform.

Each type of ad is different in length, size (such as whether it is tucked into the feed or fills the entire screen) and in where it appears (such as the For You feed or the News feed).

Best Practices

As with other types of advertising, like the HTML banner ads from providers such as, advertising works best when it is clear and direct. Evidence suggests that between 21 and 34 seconds is the most effective length, and vertical videos perform better than those that are horizontal.

Use audio as well as text, incorporate hashtags and interactive add-ons where possible, and keep testing and refining your ad’s performance. Partnerships with influencers may boost your engagement. Most importantly, stay true to your brand, and be aware of the rapidly changing rules around online advertising.

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By better understanding TikTok and making use of all of its features, you should be able to run a more effective ad campaign.

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