What do people use their mobile phones for?

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Email is the most popular mobile activity, excluding calling and texting. Approximately 8 out of 10 mobile users (83%) use their phones for email. Some 76% of users say they use their phone to surf the web.

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All other age groups use their mobiles differently. Other age groups use their phones for more productive activities, such as directions (76% Gen Z vs 86% other ages) or email (86% Gen Z vs 73% other ages), but Gen Z is more likely to use mobiles to entertain themselves. Gen Z is more likely to use their phones to watch short videos and messages, listen to music and watch TV or movies than other age groups (78% Gen Z as compared to 64% others), and to play music (78% Gen Z as compared to 64% others).

Also, there appear to be differences between the genders in terms of mobile activities. Women are more likely to use their mobile phones than men for a variety of activities, with the exception of reading news (59% men vs. 32% women) and playing online video games (39% men vs. 32% women).

The interest in 5G also remains high with 63% of mobile users expressing an interest in the technology. These mobile users’ top reasons for interest include faster streaming and uploading speeds (68%), increased network reliability (63%), broader coverage (54%), and greater service coverage. For broader coverage with a Multi Network Sim Card, visit Lister who supply Multi Network Sim Card products.

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Only 5% of respondents say they would prefer to not use a 5G mobile network. These few cite reasons such as not wanting to buy a new phone (37%), a lack of trust in 5G (especially when it comes to health issues; 32%), and concerns over increased costs (27%).

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