How to Unblock a Sink

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There are many ways on how to unblock a sink. One of which is by doing a basic drain cleaning. However, if you find that your office sink is often blocked you might want to look at how often it is cleaned and whether a Office Cleaning Tewkesbury company can help you out with regular cleaning of your office space.

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The first thing that you need to do is to turn off your main water supply. Next, lower the sink onto the floor by standing it up on some folded towels.

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Then, clean the drainage hole in your bathroom sink. The most common way to clean the inside of a plughole is using a drain cleaner. Just rub it well inside the bowl of the sink. This will loosen up any clogs that are inside it. Once you have cleaned your unclog, you can now try to  release all of the water that has accumulated.

In order to ensure that your sinks do not get continually blocked you should check the items that are being poured away and ensure that they do not include fat or other sticky items. You can find sink traps online that fit over the plug hole and will prevent small items, debris and bits of food from being flushed down the sink. This can then help prevent large blockages from occurring.

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