What are downlight covers

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Downlight covers are used to cover ceiling downlights to mitigate their impact on the heat loss of the house. If a downlight with a cold space above it is mounted, heat escapes from the room below and cold air gets into the occupied room. This reduces the loft or ceiling insulation quality by up to 30 percent . The installation of downlight covers prevents this heat from escaping by covering the gaps between the plasterboard and the light fitting. By making your home more energy-efficient, downlight covers avoid heat loss and eventually save money.

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Downlight covers like the ones from https://www.thermahooddirect.com/, also referred to as downlight hoods, allow continuous insulation over and around the light fitting, which enhances the insulation efficiency and thus complies with construction regulations. Any insulation is also combustible, so you separate the light from the combustible material by isolating the light fitting, which could otherwise lead to a fire outbreak.

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The downlight covers work as they :

  • Increase home efficiency in terms of insulation.
  • Decrease the amount of hot air that escapes from a heated space
  • Isolate the lights from possible fire hazards
  • Keep bugs, insects, dust and dirt out of the lower room.
  • Prevent water vapor from entering cold spaces and from rotting any wood

It is important that you have these installed correctly and the company mentioned above will be able to give you all the information that you  need to know in this area.

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