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We are all guilty of neglecting our backs. Whether it is lifting heavy items incorrectly or sitting for long periods of time at our desks. But it is important that we try where possible to do things to help the muscles in our backs to recover. Here are a few things that we can all do at work to help look after one of the most important skeletal structures in our entire body.

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Balance – how often do you find yourself sitting with one leg crossed over the other or standing with one hip sticking out. These out of balance positions put extra pressure on our back and can cause issues with some of our joints. You should always try to sit with your feet flat on the floor and if this isn’t possible you should use a foot riser underneath your desk.

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Monitor positioning – where you place your computer monitor on your desk can have an impact on your shoulders, neck and back. It is important that your head should be at a natural angle and your eye gaze not straining up or down. Again you can use desk risers to help adjust this if necessary. Getting the right desk set up is important and should incorporate purchasing the right Operator Chair. You can find some Great online prices for operator chairs

Exercise – it is important that you scratch regularly throughout the day. This can be something as dipole as stretching your arms above your head and taking a gentle twist to either side once every hour. You should also ensure that you regularly include some strength and cardio exercise into your routine so that you can build up strong and healthy muscles.

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