How blocked drains can become an issue

Most of us, at one point or another will have been stuck with a slow drain sink or even worse, a completely blocked sink or toilet. There are a number of reasons as to why this might happen and it is important to find out why the blockage has occurred and to ensure you have some Drainage Cleaning undertaken to remove the issue completely.

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Here we look at a few ways in which drains can become blocked.

Heavy Rain and Storm Channels Clogged

Drains and sewers can experience flooding during the rainy season due to heavy rain. Since they are not really built to have the full effect of this weather, in many households water build-up can occur. This is as a result of the clogged storm drains causing a back up into the homes and the water not being able to freely flow away.

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Blocked Water Channels from Damaged Pipes

Due to tree roots and general wear, water pipes may split. This is where you will need professional services to help you identify where the crack or split has occurred and to repair this quickly and easily.

Drain Blocked from Installing Poor Pipe

Bad plumbing can be a cause of drainage problems in your home.This can cause problems such as inefficient flow of water, broken pipes and expensive repairs.

Foreign Artifacts

Things that can easily be dropped into drains appear to block the pipes eventually, whether they are small toys, bits of food, soap, paper or some other foreign items.

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