Protect Your Home from Christmas burglaries

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Christmas is an exciting time for families old and young alike. It is a time to enjoy being together and to relax a little. Unfortunately, at this time of the year this plays right into the hands of people who also enjoy the festive period for different reasons – burglars.

The dark days and the enticing array of expensive luxury gifts in people’s homes – expensive jewellery, Farah menswear from EJ Menswear and games consoles like this years favourite the PlayStation 5 are all things that a burglar will be on the lookout for at this time of the year.

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There are however a few things that you can do to protect your house this Christmas though. Here are a few tips…

Spiky Plants – Holly is not only a festive addition to your garden but also useful for stopping burglars who may want to climb over the fence to enter your home through the back garden. Planting spiky plants around the permitter of your garden is a great deterrent.

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Alarms – As well as being a good way to spot intruders in your home, alarms are also another deterrent that a burglar may see and think twice when deciding whether or not to break into your home.

Make your Home Look Occupied – If you are not going to be there for Christmas, make sure that you make your home look as if someone is there. Maybe get a neighbour to pop in and put lights on a timer to deter burglars.

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