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There is not a great deal to do right now – its dark and cold outside, so why not put all that spare time indoors to good use and have a wardrobe clear out? It is easy to get our wardrobes in a muddle – we can just shut the door on them and say I can deal with that another day – but it is not only a pleasing sight in the morning to see a well organised and tidy wardrobe but it also make getting ready in the morning a lot quicker and easier as everything is close to hand.

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To have a good clear out you must start by getting everything out – and that means everything. This is the only way that you can properly assess al the items in the wardrobe. You must be really honest with yourself when you are doing this – do you really wear it? Has it seen better days?

You can actually make a bit of money selling clothes that you no longer wear – another good reason to have a clear out, or you can donate them to charity. For clothes that are past their best and are coming apart or stained, look for your nearest clothing recycling centre where you can drop them into.

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Once you are done you can reward yourself – if you have had your eye on some new clothing like these mens Farah Oxford shirts now is the time to get them – you deserve it!

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