Where do the holes come from?

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Have you ever considered where the hotels in your flat pack furniture come from? Probably not as when you have bought and brought home the flat pack furniture the last thing you are going to ponder is what made the holes in the first place. It might be worth some consideration because if the holes were not included in the flat pack furniture that you have just bought you’d be pretty miffed about it. The first, and pretty big issue being where would all the dowel plugs go?

Considering the huge amount of flat pack that is created and used it may not surprise you, or it may surprise you to find that a machine is needed to do the huge amount of work required to ensure you, and other customers have all the right holes in place. If not there is every chance that your bit of dream furniture is going to have to be taken back. What is used to make sure this does not happen?

Tapping Machines, like those from Cotswold Machinery Sales, are used to create the holes. In the case of flat pack these are large machines set with a program to drill into the MDF, wood or chipboard veneer to a certain depth and in certain places. This involves a tremendous amount of work and effort so it has been largely taken out of the hands of humans and transferred over to the computer programmed machine. This is set with locations for holes and their depth.

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