What Are the Latest Innovations We Can Expect to See in Park Homes?

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Park homes are an extremely popular choice. The provide high-quality affordable housing, often situated in beautiful surroundings near local amenities. Homes are finished to a high standard and incorporate many of the latest innovations in building technologies too. So here are just a few of the latest developments that demonstrate that park homes are definitely looking towards the future.

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If you have been fortunate enough to look around a park home recently, you may have been pleasantly surprised at the modern comfortable design. The days of single-glazed, draughty park homes with narrow passages and even smaller bathrooms are definitely over. Many Gloucestershire park homes, for example, are not only good to look at but also keep in step with current building trends.

Nano Technology Paint

Nano technology paint is being used in many park homes. This improved paint preparation has many benefits if applied on wood. For example, it will protect from weathering, such as rain and ultraviolet rays, as well as daily use. Nano paint used on walls or doors will provide hardwearing surfaces that are resistant to scratches, moulds and rust. It has also been shown to contribute to a reduction in heating costs too.

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Thermodynamic Heating Systems

Many park homes are incorporating thermodynamic heating systems, such as those at Gloucestershire park homes. This type of heating system intelligently harvests energy from the atmosphere and current weather systems, so the system is not dependant just on sunlight, for example, as previous systems were. The benefits are easy to see: a highly economical and efficient low-energy method of providing heating and hot water to home owners.

Concrete Bases

Residential park homes generally have their buildings sited on concrete bases, but many Gloucestershire park homes have been rethinking this method and are now using ground screws to secure a home on to its plot. This has less impact on the site and is aesthetically pleasing to look at. And if a park home needed to be repositioned, for example, there would be no concrete platform to break up and dispose of, so less impact on the environment and the park itself.

So just by staying up to date with current research and development in the building industry and incorporating innovative ideas into their designs, park homes are able to remain relevant in today’s housing market.

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