The great sound up on the roof.

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The Drifters are one of the great bands of soul singers whose legacy can still be heard today. One of their most well known songs is “Up on the Roof” a classic from those celebrated composers and lyricists David Goffin and Carole King. King actually features on the recording itself as one of the pianists. The song is about the stress of modern life starting to get the better of someone. To escape the sound of the city and the crowds they take to the roof of their building to breathe in some fresh air and get a look at the stars and find some space.

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For the roof to be sound they would need to have invested in some decent Roof sealant but assuming that’s done it seems like a pretty good idea. It certainly struck a chord with the American public as it reached the chart high of number 5. In the UK the Drifters version did not crack the top 50 and it’s down to two other singers Julie Grant and Kenny Lynch to take the song higher, Lynch’s version getting into the top ten.

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The song is rated as the 114 best ever in the Top 500 All time American billboard charts. It is truly ensconced in the great American Songbook and has been recorded and performed live many times from artists as diverse as Frank Ifield to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band.

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