Oak Extensions: How To Care For Your Oak Extensions

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The use of an Oak extension to your home is one of the most and best investments that you can make. Once it is up and finished it will seem like all the rigmarole to get the planning permission and the possible remortgage for home improvement confirmed was most definitely worth it. When you get the Oak Extensions you then have to look after them. How is the best way to do that?

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An Oak extension surely brings added value to the property and can increase its value by tens of thousands of pounds. It could be the deciding factor that lifts it out of negative equity. The care of the oak beams relies on the constant maintenance of the wood. One thing that you could do is paint it in protective paint. This can be in a variety of colours if you so desire. Because of the natural beauty of Oak it’s usually the practice to treat the wood with a preservative or stain to keep out dampness and moisture related issues.

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One of the best things about Oak is that it is naturally resistant to so many pests and the elements that it is by far the best wood for construction. You only have to look back at the Tudor times to see how it was the wood of choice for the halls of the landed gentry and if the could use it to build your house, you would.

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