No More Open Plan Living – a Return to the Separate Rooms

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For the last decade or maybe more, people have been hankering after homes that have that open plan layout. New homes have been being built with this in mind and people have been knocking out walls in older homes to give them that open plan living that they crave.

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But after all this time, is it finally time for the separate spaces to start making a comeback again? Over lockdown, the feeling of all being cooped up in one large room day and might has, for many people been the wake-up call that they needed when it came to thinking about separating the space once again.

Living and dining areas that can be enjoyed as separate rooms, not only give each member of the household more privacy but it is easier to designate the feel of each separate room rather than them blurring into one large space.

If you are embarking on a mission to separate your living area, then it is a good idea to have a look at how you want each room to feel and to find a professional decorator like JS Decorating, decorators Cheltenham to make sure that you get that perfect finish.

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There are a wide range of inspirations pictures that you can find online to suit any home – whether you want your living room to be dark and cosy, an opulent and elegant looking dining room or a practical and chic kitchen.

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