Managing Tachographs as a Haulage Company

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When you are running a haulage company, you will have a lot to consider that other businesses don’t – an operator’s license, vehicle tracking, and vehicle repairs are all some of those things. But one that you must get right, is tachographs. If the tachographs in a company are not managed correctly, and the rules and guidelines are not followed, you are in for some hefty fines and even a loss of your operator’s license. So how do you avoid pitfalls when it comes to managing tachographs withing your company?

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Make sure that you are clear on the tachograph rules and regulations – These can seem complex to begin with, but it is important that you are familiar with them. Not only you but your drivers must also be clear and up to date with the tachograph rules and regulations – after all they are the ones operating the vehicles. Training sessions updated regularly are a good way to ensure that it is always at the forefront of people’s minds, and also review the guidelines regularly in case there are changes to them.

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Invest in good tachograph software – It is important to be able to manage your tachographs in house, so you will need the software to be able to do this. Get the people using it well trained up and remember to comply with the rules. Remember if you have vehicles that use analogue tachographs you will also need a machine like a scanner that will upload this onto your system.

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