How Does A Combination Boiler Work?

A combi boiler is a type of hot water boiler that uses one pipe for the heated water and the other pipe for the drainage. The water and the other pipe are separated by a barrier, either a flexible rigid plastic or semi-rigid metal. When the temperature of the incoming liquid exceeds the melting point of the barrier, the liquid will be drawn into the second pipe. This second pipe will have nozzles that allow the heated liquid to be directed to the drains.

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The first component of a combi boiler is a heat exchanger, which allows the incoming water to heat up before it is transferred to the rest of the system. The heat exchanger will be installed in a part of the boiler called the pre-heater, which is located directly below the combi boiler itself. Inside the pre-heater is a small pump that circulates the hot water between the two pipes. Once the water reaches the second drain, it goes on to a collection tank, where the collected liquid is stored until it can be disposed of.

To operate a combi boiler, you will need to regularly maintain the heating unit and ensure that each year you have a Boiler Service Bristol company come in to give a service. This will help to ensure that any small issues are picked up early and that your system is running efficiently and safely. If you haven’t had your boiler serviced for a while Contact Bristol Boiler Service companies today to book an appointment.

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