Do Boilers Really Boil Water?

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Boilers have been around for literally thousands of years. Do they really boil water (myths number one)? The word boiler is actually a holdover from the old days when steam boilers were quite common. Today most boilers use propane or natural gas as their fuel. The difference is that now most models will not boil water and are instead just very large heaters. These should always be installed and repaired by a qualified Tewkesbury Boilers company such as Combi Man.

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But boilers still provide heat using energy taken from the atmosphere. In a forced-air furnace the air is forced through a heating system where it is heated. In a radiant heat boiler the warm air is warmed by the radiation from a heating source. A forced-air furnace can provide heat over many hours, whereas a radiant heat boiler will only produce heat for a very small portion of the day. A forced-air furnace can also be turned off at night and on at day time, whereas a radiant heat boiler will remain on all day long.

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There are many different types of furnaces available from antique glass furnaces to modern high efficiency furnaces. Some boilers can be used as both a furnace and a source of heating. A forced-air furnace can be moved around easily and can even be moved to a new location. A radiant heat furnace cannot be moved and must be installed in its permanent location.

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