Ceramic floors: choose them in 2020 for the whole house

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Are you in the middle of a complete reform of your house and still don’t know what flooring to install? Do you find it difficult to decide the material, the design, the finish …? Today we are talking about ceramic floors to discover beautiful, current, versatile and totally practical coverings. Choose them for the whole house and you will be right.

The choice of flooring for our house is one of the most relevant decisions, from a decorative and practical point of view. However, it is not easy to opt for a specific material. What do you really prefer? The warmth of wood? The elegance of marble? The modernity of polished cement? Now you can have it all if you decide on ceramic floors: they are full of advantages.

The advantages of ceramic floorsCeramic floors

One of the things that seem very important to me when choosing a floor for the house is that it be minimally practical. And by this, I mean several things: that it is resistant and that it does not spoil at the slightest chance, and also that it is easy to maintain in perfect condition. That is, it does not get dirty too quickly and it is easy to clean. And in this sense, ceramic floors have no competitor that surpasses them.

There is such a variety of ceramic floors on the market that you can really find coatings of different qualities (and prices, of course). However, it is not difficult to find quality and resistant ceramics at affordable prices.

This guarantees you to be able to enjoy a beautiful and decorative flooring that is also well maintained. What is the use of having a wonderful wooden floor if in a short time, with the children at home, it will be deteriorated?

Ceramic floors, thanks to their unbeatable technical qualities in terms of resistance and maintenance, are perfect for spaces with high traffic or for houses with children or pets. You will have a beautiful and perfect floor for a long time.

Versatility to the maximum: for the whole houseCeramic floors

This is another of the great qualities that ceramic floors have today. It is true that, until a few years ago, the kingdoms of ceramics were especially the kitchen and the bathroom. And this was, above all, due to its great capacity to withstand the humidity that can occur in these spaces.

However, and due to the technological and decorative advances in ceramic floors, today they are chosen for all types of rooms: from the living room to the bedroom, through the terrace or the porch. Yes Yes. You heard correctly, also abroad.

In fact, ceramic tiles offer you the possibility of having the same floor throughout the house, both indoors and outdoors, which offers a really great feeling of continuity. Especially if you choose a large format model, which will have many fewer joints. The spaces will appear more spacious and open.

Realistic effects, resistance, and functionalityCeramic floors

The trends in ceramic floors for the next year are not limited to one type of finish, but rather diversify to offer you a wide repertoire of ideas. In 2020, marble effect cladding will triumph, so elegant and distinguished.

Whether in black, white or sand and tan colors, the ceramic that imitates marble is going to be very rabid today. To make it shine in all its splendor, combine this type of marble flooring with simple walls painted in soft colors. White or very light gray are tones that never fail when it comes to counteracting the powerful effect of the marble floor.

But in terms of coatings, wood will also triumph, due to its naturalness and warmth. If you are a fan of its beauty but need a stronger and more resistant material, opt for ceramic floors that realistically mimic the appearance of wood. You have a lot of models to choose from with formats that recreate herringbone planks, among others. The important thing is to opt for models that bet on authenticity and realism in the representation of wood grains. Its aesthetic effect will have no limits.

Bet on the mix

A really cool idea is to combine different finishes in the same space. How about mixing a wooden floor with hydraulic tiles, and all with the advantages of ceramic floors? Quite a success, right?

If you decide to combine ceramics that imitate different materials, you can delimit different spaces in a very visual way. For example, in the American kitchens that are attached to the living room. Or to somehow separate the living room and dining room, a living area, etc.

All these effects, finishes, models and decorative possibilities have one thing in common: they are obtained from ceramic floors of great beauty and quality. What are your favorites?


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