10 movies like 500 days of summer

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Get over it, Summer is not bad and Tom fell madly in love like any of us. In the end, she meets a man who removes her insides and he simply keeps waiting for someone else to supply what he felt for the girl. It is the love story of all of us, like it or not.

At some point, we have been Summer and Tom, but that does not mean that there is not a nice story to tell. Love is not as we think, it is difficult, risky, and hard. Still, we love it and when we see ourselves reflected in someone else it gives us a kind of relief that makes us feel confident, just like all these movies that have taught us that love has many forms.

How to be Single (2016)movies like 500 days of summer

A group of friends are in dire need of being single out of curiosity — and bad luck in love — so they strive to find new possibilities of understanding love. For some of them, it is much better not to find it because only in this way do they indulge in self-love and not in fleeting companies.

The first beautiful Thing (2011)movies like 500 days of summer

Anna is named as the most beautiful mother in her town, which is why many men begin to haunt her. Her husband, sick with jealousy, divorce her causing her to convince herself to go out with other people. Along the way, she realizes that she loves that life, since she is free, happy, and lives calm, she has also become a movie star proving that freedom is much better than love.

Something’s Gotta Give  (2003)movies like 500 days of summer

Harry, a man in his 50s falls in https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ love with a girl twice his age. However, he is on a bed of happiness in which he prefers to feel admired and desired by someone young than by someone his age. After suffering a heart attack, his girlfriend’s mother takes care of him and loves or at least a strong attraction arises between the two.

Along Came Polly (2004)movies like 500 days of summer

After thinking that love was not made for him because he is boring and lazy, a woman comes to Reuben’s life to make him change drastically. Her life gets messy, but she understands that love can come in a thousand ways and her favorite, now, is quite fun.

Jersey Girl  (2004)movies like 500 days of summer

Love scares, so much so that Ollie, a single father only thinks he has eyes for his daughter. However, a woman arrives who removes his most intimate feelings and intends to be with her, but does not succeed for fear of being alone once more. Does the feeling win or does it get stuck on a threshold of fear?

Her (2013)movies like 500 days of summer

Theodore is alone and has a lousy job. Without realizing it, he falls in love with his computer, artificial intelligence that is designed to satisfy all the wishes and requests of the user. Although he believed that he would never fall in love with someone again, he turns out to fall at the “feet” of the computer suffering for it, to the point of needing it more than a human.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World  (2010)movies like 500 days of summer

To find the love you have to get rid of demons from the past, bad experiences, and situations that involve affection or else, nothing goes right. Scott Pilgrim falls in love with Ramona who, unfortunately, refuses him until he manages to break free from everything. Yes, love costs.

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)movies like 500 days of summer

A couple of boys meet at an indie music bar, where they pretend to be dating to make Norah’s ex jealous. When they talk, they realize that they really like each other, but they have nothing in common, except the same musical taste, which is perpetuated by their differences … or not.

PS I Love You (2007)

A couple that is most in love, they separate because he dies. She has to get ahead and leave all fear behind to meet some new person and rebuild her life. Although it is painful and complicated, she will try to do it to honor the life of a husband. Love is complicated, yes, but it does not end with death, it only mutates.

Gone With The Wind  (1939)movies like 500 days of summer

She despised everyone and felt safe being a woman of high society, but seeing everything lost, she tries to return to what she had, including love, which she distances herself from her when she sees that she has nothing to offer, causing her to become much stronger and more powerful.

Which of them best identifies with your story? All at some point, right? If you still haven’t gotten over your obsession with 500 Days of  Summer, don’t worry, these productions will help you get it done.

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