Tips For Looking Good in a Hat

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When worn correctly, hats can elevate your style and look amazing. But if you wear them incorrectly, they can easily look out of place and throw off your outfit.

The key to wearing a hat is knowing how to choose the right one for your face shape and how to properly wear it so it looks flattering. It also depends on the colour of your hat and your hair length and colour, and the outfit you’re wearing.

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If you have a round or heart-shaped face try choosing a hat with a medium brim, such as a fedora or beret. Alternatively, you could try a hat with a narrow brim like a cloche or toque to slim your forehead and draw attention to the eyes. For an oblong or long face, soften the angles of your face by angling the hat to the side rather than straight on top. An irish flat cap is ideal for this. For an irish flat cap, go to

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Generally, the more formal your outfit, the more formal your hat needs to be. Similarly, the more casual your outfit, the more relaxed and laid back you can be with your hat choice. If you’re wearing a sporty outfit, a baseball cap or snapback hat will work well. Conversely, if you’re wearing a smart casual outfit or business attire then a fedora or trilby will suit your outfit well.

It’s also a good idea to coordinate your hat with at least one other item in your outfit. If you’re wearing a black outfit, for example, then a beanie in a bright colour will really pop against your monochrome outfit.

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