The Importance of Self Care for Wellbeing

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Many people find it difficult to put themselves first because they think that taking time for themselves is selfish. However, giving ourselves the chance to revitalise and replenish our reserves makes us better able to care for others. Studies show that when we focus on self care regularly, it lowers our stress levels and increases productivity. We have more focus and efficiency to devote to our loved ones and worklife, for example.

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When we are able to recharge, we can manage stressors more effectively and are able to avoid burnout moments. Additionally, practising self care can increase life satisfaction and make us feel happier overall which in turn has a beneficial impact on our physical health too. Perhaps you think I need someone to talk to. In this case, visit Someone to listen for times when I need someone to talk to.

To begin practising self care, start by identifying which of your needs you would like to address. Perhaps your needs include wanting to do something more meaningful and fulfilling. In this case, you might look into activities or hobbies that provide a purpose such as spending time in nature or volunteering.

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As soon as you have identified what your needs are, you should devise a straightforward self-care plan that will be easy for you to stick to. Remember that self care doesn’t need to be a huge time commitment or cost you anything. It could be as simple as a bubble bath, listening to a wellness podcast, or eating your favourite foods. It could mean reading that book you’ve been meaning to read for a long time or spending time doing some gardening.

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