Jeans in new ways

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Tired of the same look? You can use your jeans as a base to create new looks and styles. You can bring new life to your collection of jeans by trying out some of these looks:

Rugged Look

This look will give you a rugged, ready-to-wear style. These jeans will look great if you have a pair that looks a bit worn, distressed, or even ripped. If you want to exude a “working man” aura, then super-clean jeans are not for you! For a vintage look, consider a red plaid shirt with a button-up collar. Combining this outfit with cowboy boots or tan boots will make it look great. Why not complete the look by adding an irish flat cap for a really authentic, heritage vibe? Find out more by visiting

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Skinny or Slim Fit

You’ll want to show off your muscles if you wear skinny or slim jeans. Combine with a crew neck or raglan sleeves shirt, something tight fitting. This look will work well with chunky boots or laid-back skate trainers. You can create a casual look with leather bracelets that shows you are concerned about your appearance.

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Celebrity Style

You’ll need to dress up in those jeans to carry off this look. For example, jeans can be ripped, dyed or embroidered, or adorned with patches. Step away from a more polished look and go for a look that oozes individuality. Combining with a leather coat or something in a darker colour will seal the look.


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