How Good Are Duffle Bag Kids?

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Duffle bag kids have become increasingly popular in recent years. Often seen lugging around oversized bags full of sports equipment, books, and other gear, these kids have embraced the versatility and practicality of the duffle bag. But how good are duffle bags for kids? There are pros and cons to consider regarding duffle bags for kids.

The Upsides of Duffle Bags for Kids

The Upsides of Duffle Bags for Kids

There are many benefits to kids using duffle bags that help explain their rising popularity. Here are some of the main upsides:


One of the best things about duffle bags is how roomy they are. With a large main compartment and sometimes extra pockets on the sides or ends, duffle bags provide lots of space for kids to carry all their stuff. Duffle bags can handle everything from soccer cleats to folders to water bottles. Kids don’t have to pick and choose what to bring – they can fit it all in their trusty duffle.


Another major pro of duffle bags is their comfortable design. Duffle bags are designed with padded, adjustable straps that make them easy for kids to carry, even when loaded. Because the weight is evenly distributed across the back and shoulders, duffles don’t strain kids’ muscles like other one-strapped bags and backpacks. The wide, cushioned straps prevent digging into shoulders. Duffle bags offer all-day carrying comfort.


Duffle bags are designed to last and stand up to kids’ rough treatment. Made from durable fabrics like canvas, nylon, or polyester, duffle bags can handle being tossed around and stuffed full. Many are water-resistant, too, so spills and rainy weather are no match. Duffle bags can take a beating and continue to look and function great for years. Their sturdy construction makes them ideal for kids’ daily use.

Easy Accessibility

Another duffle bag benefit is its easy accessibility. With a wide opening and simple zipper closure, duffle bags allow kids to see and grab all their gear quickly without a struggle. There’s no more endless digging around cavernous backpacks to find what they need. Kids can unzip their duffle and spot it immediately. The wide openings also make duffles easier to load up and organize. Stuffing a bulky coat or ball into a duffle is much simpler than with a backpack.


Let’s not forget that duffle bags offer kids a seriously stylish way to tote their stuff. From bright colors to cool patterns and cute designs to casual vibes, duffle bags have a look that resonates with kids. Duffle bags have an effortless style that allows kids to make their fashion statement. Compared to backpacks and totes, duffles have a laidback charm and personality. Kids love showing their unique style through their duffle bag choices.

The Potential Drawbacks of Duffle Bags for Kids

Of course, duffle bags aren’t without their disadvantages, too. Here are a few of the potential downsides of duffle bag use for kids:

Weight Distribution

While duffle bags distribute weight better than some bags, they aren’t perfect. The lack of waist and chest straps means that all the weight rests solely on the shoulders and back. This can lead to strain over time, especially if carrying heavy loads. Backpacks distribute weight more evenly and ergonomically for kids. Duffle bags can start to get uncomfortable during more extended periods of moving.

Lack of Organization

With their cavernous main compartment and lack of interior pockets, duffle bags aren’t the most organized bag option. They can quickly turn into a black hole where kids’ stuff gets tossed around and lost in the depths. It’s tough for kids to keep gear separated and find what they need in messy duffles. There’s a lack of structure and order that backpacks provide with compartments and pockets. The organization is not a duffle bag’s forte.

Security Issues

Some parents worry about the security of open duffle bags, and for good reason. If left unzipped, items can easily fall out of the expansive main compartment. And anyone can quickly unzip a duffle and grab its contents without notice. Duffle bags certainly don’t have a backpack’s anti-theft features and zippered security. Valuables may be more at risk in a breezy duffle.

Weather Vulnerability

While many duffle bags have water-resistant coatings, they aren’t fully waterproof like some backpacks. Items in the main compartment can get wet if exposed to heavy rain. Duffle bags are also more susceptible to dust and dirt since they lack a tight seal. Backpacks do a better job of protecting contents from the elements. Duffle bags are more challenging to keep clean and dry.

Difficult to Carry Multiple Ways

Another downside is that duffle bags only allow one carrying method – over the shoulder. Backpacks offer more versatility with two shoulder straps for back carrying or one for side moving. Duffle bags don’t have options beyond the shoulder strap, which isn’t always convenient. The single-carrying position can limit kids’ comfort and mobility at times.

Choosing the Right Duffle Bag for Kids

There are pros and cons to kids using duffle bags for school, sports, travel, and more. The key is choosing the right duffle bag style and features to maximize the benefits and minimize downsides. Here are some tips for picking an ideal duffle bag for kids:

  • Opt for water-resistant materials to protect contents.
  • Make sure straps are thickly padded for comfort and load balancing.
  • Look for extra exterior pockets to keep essentials organized and accessible.
  • Get a duffle with reinforced bottoms that can stand upright on their own.
  • Choose bright colors and reflective strips to keep kids visible at night.
  • Ensure the bag is lightweight so kids can easily carry it when empty.
  • Pick the right size – not so large, it encourages overpacking.
  • Look for creative designs and patterns kids will love.
  • Consider wheels if kids will be lugging their duffle long distances.
  • Seek out trusted brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour with good reputations.

5 Great Duffle Bags for Kids

5 Great Duffle Bags for Kids

To give you some kid-friendly duffle bag options, here are five top-rated and stylish choices:

1. Nike Club Team Swoosh Duffle Bag

With its classic Nike style, substantial main compartment, and padded straps, this versatile duffle has tons of storage for all the s’ gear. It’s made of durable 600 denier polyester, a water-resistant coating, and a ventilated pocket for wet clothes or shoes. An external zip pocket provides organization. It’s got the Swoosh logo style that kids love, too.

2. Adidas Squad III Duffle Bag

Adidas is known for its athletic style, and the Squad III duffle delivers. It features the iconic Adidas 3-stripes, a zippered front pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap, and durable polyester construction with resistant coating. A mesh side pocket can hold a water bottle. Its fresh color combos make it perfect for sports practice, games, or travel.

3. Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 4.0

For UA fans, the Undeniable 4.0 offers lots of space and functionality. Its rugged polyester and water-resistant finish can handle rough use. A large ventilated pocket separates gear, while an exterior valuables pocket adds security. PaddedHeatGear shoulder straps provide cushioned comfort. Kids will love showing their spirit with bold colors and patterns with this duffle.

4. JanSport Right Duffle Bag

For a classic duffle bag look, JanSport’s Right duffle has a versatile style. It’s durable fabric with a tuck-away padded shoulder strap and grab handles for multiple carrying options. It has a solid organization with a side water bottle pocket, front zippered pocket, and main compartment. JanSport’s lifetime warranty adds peace of mind, too. It comes in understated colors to fit any kid’s style.

5. Wildkin Overnighter Duffel Bag

This fun duffle shows that Wildkin gear is designed especially with kids in mind. Available in unique patterns kids adore, like unicorns, jungle prints, and tie-dye owls, it makes organization fun. It has interior mesh pockets, a wet/dry compartment, padded straps, and handles. Wildkin bags are made to last, too. The Overnighter is a roomy, reliable duffle kid will be delighted to own.

The Bottom Line

Duffle bag kids are becoming increasingly popular, and when chosen well, duffle bags have fantastic versatility, storage, and style for kids on the go. Be mindful of your child’s needs to pick the right size and features. Look for durable, weather-resistant models from trusted brands with comfort-focused straps and pockets for organization.

When considering what to pack for foreign trips, it’s crucial to adhere to guidelines such as 8 Things Never to Carry, yet the pros of extra space, comfort, accessibility, and style make duffles the ideal choice for your kid’s lifestyle.

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