Tunes for Dressing Windows

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If you have been looking at your windows recently and thinking they could do with a fresh new look, then you’ll likely be busy shopping for the latest window dressings like blinds or curtains. While you search for the perfect adornment for your windows, here are some songs to listen to:

Look Out Your Window – Four Tops

Whether you have a stunning view from your windows or not, it should be such a joy to look at and out of your windows. When it isn’t, it can put a real dampener on the rest of the room. If your windows are looking tired and dated, a clean and some new blinds can make a world of difference.

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Come To Your Window – Cher

You will actually want to spend time by your windows when they are bright, fresh, modern and let in lots of natural light. If you think curtains are a little too heavy, consider blinds as an alternative. These give more choice over how much or how little light you want to enter the room. For a selection of Blinds Cheltenham, visit Laskeys Blinds

The Light Came Through The Window – Philip Glass

Natural light is very beneficial for our health. It provides us with essential vitamin D, helps improve our mood and regulates our body clocks. Less is more when it comes to window dressing today, so try to avoid heavy nets or lace and choose a bright, contemporary blind to add a splash of colour to your decor.

Rain On The Window – Nazareth

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, you want your home to feel warm and cosy. Dropping the blinds or pulling across luxurious curtains will add to this feeling of snug comfort in the colder months. Stand at the window and watch the rain fall from the comfort of your freshly dressed windows.

Window Dreamin’ – Chicago

Stop dreaming and make your ideal decor a reality. Improving the look of your windows is actually a cost-effective way of updating a room without spending a fortune. It will also have a positive impact from the curb, making your home look better.

Window Wishing – Dionne Warwick

Take action today and get those grubby windows wiped and sparkling. Once they are crystal clear, you can begin picking out the blinds you have been wishing for. Visit a trusted blind specialist for advice on sizing and the best quality styles to suit your existing decor.

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Cleaning Windows – Van Morrison

Once you have your new blinds installed, maintain your windows by giving them a regular clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals and only microfibre cloths on the glass. You’ll want to keep them looking their very best to prolong the impact of having new blinds installed.

Windows And Walls – Dan Fogelberg

For maximum impact, why not think about a fresh coat of paint on the walls too? This could be a great way to set off the new blinds too, with fresh clean walls in a shade to match the blinds perfectly.

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