How to Reduce Flood Damage in your Home

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Flooding is something that more and more UK homeowners are having to deal with, so if you live in an area that is at a higher flood risk, here are some of the things that you can do in and around the home to reduce the damage…

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Starting with the garden, there are lots of ways that you can reduce flooding. Landscaping can be done in a way that water runs away from the house, so you are less likely to find that your home is flooded. Trees and plants also help to remove excess water from the ground.

If you have floors that are wooden, or carpets in your home, replace these with concrete from somewhere like this concrete Swindon based company which is then covered with a membrane that prevents dampness. You can put rugs down on the floors, as these can then easily be removed if it looks like flooding might be a possibility.

Rather than opting for traditional wooden skirting boards, plastic ones are better for homes that are at risk of flooding. Because plastic doesn’t absorb water like wood, you can simply wipe them down, whereas with wooden ones they would need to be replaced.

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The doors can also suffer when there is a flood, however you do have a couple of options here. You can either get doors which have an easy release fitting, so that they can be removed if there is a risk of flooding, or you can have the doors raised higher so that the water is less likely to touch them.

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