Five signs a drain has collapsed

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If you are experiencing flooding around your property, you may be wondering whether you have a collapsed drain. Broken drain pipes can cause serious issues, such as contaminating the area with dirty water, so it is vital that the problem is investigated quickly by a company that provides CCTV drain surveys Reading, Leeds, or wherever you are. Here are five common signs of a collapsed drain to look out for.

1. You live in an old building

Older homes are likely to have wastewater systems that were built at the same time, so they are more prone to wearing out than newer constructions. To check for damage, you may need to hire a company that provides CCTV drain surveys Reading or another location.

2. Tree roots

As trees grow, so do their roots, which can play havoc with water systems. According to the RHS, growing tree roots can enter and cause blockages to water systems; what’s more, they can move them out of position and cause them to split.

3. Pipes out of alignment

If a pipe has weak joints, the natural pressure of soil over time can lead to it becoming misaligned. Eventually, it will collapse and need attention to keep the water flowing properly.

4. Cracks in walls

If you notice cracks appearing in the walls of your home, this can be a sign of a collapsed drain. Water may be leaking into the soil beneath your property and causing it to move, along with your home.

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  1. Problems due to seasons

    In winter, the ground freezes before thawing in the warmer months. This can cause pipes to expand and contract, potentially leading to damage.

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The best way to understand the problems with your drain is by getting expert help, such as CCTV drain surveys Reading and other places nationwide, to enable you to get a diagnosis quickly. It is essential to always seek help promptly to avoid further complications; in this way, you can avoid having to pay out for extra repairs and ensure that your home is secure.

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