Different types of copper pipe to know

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Copper pipe is used in many residential and commercial environments, carrying water, oil and other fluids and gases safely from their source to their destination. If your copper pipe is damaged or leaking, you will need to select an appropriate replacement, and that means knowing the different types of copper pipe that are available.

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1. Type L

This is the most common type of copper pipe available. It is traditionally used when installing, repairing or replacing indoor residential water supply systems and it is available in rigid and flexible forms, making it a very versatile choice. It is usually identified with a blue stamp.

2. Type K

Usually identified by a green stamp, Type K copper pipe is the thickest pipe available and is usually used in commercial or industrial environments for underground installations such as mains water lines.

3. Type M

This is a thinner pipe that is stamped with a red mark. It is only available in rigid form and can be used to install or repair indoor residential water supply systems. However, not all building authorities approve of its use, so it is best to check with your local branch before using this type of pipework in your repair.

4. DWV pipes

Drain Waste Vent (DWV) pipes have a low-pressure rating and are therefore unsuitable for most modern homes. They should only be used above ground and in situations where plastic pipe or a thicker copper alternative is deemed unsuitable. They are stamped with a yellow mark.

Connecting Copper Pipe

Copper pipe can be welded into place, or more commonly nowadays, installed using press-connect or push-fit connectors. These connectors allow copper pipe to be installed quickly and easily in both domestic and commercial settings.

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In conclusion, Type L is the most common type of copper pipe available, due to its compliance with building regulations and immense versatility. When installed with push-fit or press-connect fittings, repairing or reinstating your domestic water supply is a simple job that can easily be completed by a competent DIYer.

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