Can you design your own garden?

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As you look out on your little bit of England, namely your garden, do you feel inspired to design it at all? Garden design, just as with interior design, is a carefully managed process that needs meticulous measurement and mapping before a spade can hit the earth and the Mountfield Spares from can be added to the lawnmower. For the most part we have small to medium gardens that are relatively easy to maintain. They may be surrounded by walls and fences and this limits the options that you can have. They can be long and rectangular which does not give you much scope for large plant growth. So where do you begin?

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In the first instance you need to get the tape measure out and see what you are working with in terms of dimensions. If you can get an aerial view, namely from a top floor back bedroom window, so much the better. There are plenty of computer programs online that you can use to begin to work out the spatial capacity of the garden you are going to redesign.

You have to start with some basics and fundamental questions that you need to answer. For example, do you want to have a lawn? You don’t necessarily need one and you could devote the garden to decorative plant growth, although a bit of green space is always nice. Do you need to have some space for the kids (assuming you have them, if not it’s not an issue) and the play equipment that they have? The swing ball needs a fair bit of room and if you have a larger item like swing or slide, the space needed is also important.

What provision do you want to have to grow veggies? Can you add raised beds or do you want a series of troughs? You can, for instance, grow strawberries in guttering. It’s incredibly effective and saves space.  Carrots, radishes and potatoes are easy to grow, plus they break up the soil. This is very important if you have very clay-like soil that tends to stick and proves hard for plants to grow roots in. If you plan to grow lettuce then make sure you have plenty of slug pellets.

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Do you like a formal garden? With a smaller one it’s certainly a lot easier to invest in some old railway sleepers and create nice borders. If you prefer the wild planting style then just clear a space and chuck a few wild flower seeds packet contents around and see what pops up.

On that note, try and make your garden bee and butterfly friendly by planting plants like Buddleia for example. The more bees, butterflies and moths that you attract to the garden, will help to poliante the rest of the plants. You’ll soon have an abundance of fauna and colour just as you originally planned it out to be.

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