Common boiler problems that can occur

Our boilers are incredibly important for providing our homes with heat and hot water and there is nothing more frustrating than stepping in for your morning shower to find out that your heating system isn’t working correctly. There are a number of commons issues that can occur with your boiler and heating system and all […]

Protecting your back at work.

We don’t mean making sure that you don’t get into trouble; we are referring to the protection of your physical back. The problems of back pain are real. About 2.8 million work days are lost because of chronic back pain in both the lower and the upper. However most of these, like sciatica, are preventable […]

Why Slatwall is one of the most aesthetically pleasing storage

One of the best ways to store and display products is to use a Slatwall. Slatwall is a neat system where a panel of either wood or PVC has grooves cut into it. This is then mounted to a wall. Shelving units are then slotted into the slats giving you a very nice looking storage […]

Plastic bins and their uses in your business

Proper storage solutions are essential for efficiency and safety in warehouses and offices alike. There are many benefits for businesses in opting for plastic storage solutions. Image Credit Warehouses Each warehouse has its own unique and complex requirements, yet simple plastic bins can provide a budget-friendly solution. They are easy to move and rearrange as […]

The day they found a caravan in the skip.

You’ve just read that title and thought, really a whole caravan? It is actually quite true. Although it was not the Swansea Skip Hire company that found it, no doubt they could tell you a tale of the strange things that you find in skips but in this case this is the weirdest. Image […]

I miss the 80’s arcade

In this modern era of XBox and Playstation I still have a somewhat nostalgic urge to take a step back in time. As a teenager growing up the games that my Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum had were not a patch on what we have today. The only place that I could go and see […]

Places to put your radiator

It can be costly and difficult to uninstall a radiator, so it makes sense to plan carefully where you will place them in terms of appearance and maximum efficiency, particularly if you are installing a new system. Image Credit There are many handy methods for installing radiators, and finding the right places in the home […]

The clothes every modern man should own

A White Shirt A plain white shirt is an absolute essential for every modern man’s wardrobe, whether it’s a plain weave or a herringbone. Both are timeless elegant classics and work for a myriad of occasions. A button-down medium collar works well with any face shape and can be worn with virtually anything. The material […]

The high speed world of Formula One

Like all sports, F1 has had its fair share of negative commentary over the years. Some fans think the rules are too restrictive and others that Mercedes domination of the sport has a detrimental impact on the drivers, but as one of the most exciting, adrenalin-fuelled sports in the world, F1 has a lot to […]

Managing Tachographs as a Haulage Company

When you are running a haulage company, you will have a lot to consider that other businesses don’t – an operator’s license, vehicle tracking, and vehicle repairs are all some of those things. But one that you must get right, is tachographs. If the tachographs in a company are not managed correctly, and the rules […]