Tips for effectively lighting your kitchen

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Kitchens are often said to be the heart of the home and as such, requires some consideration when it comes to lighting. Balanced lighting is key for this room, as there are a variety of tasks that occur in the kitchen, from cooking to homework!

It is important to ensure that key areas are well lit, and these might include underneath cabinets, work surfaces, kitchen islands and tables.

For those with an island, the ideal sort of lighting is ambient or task. If your island has a cooktop, you will most likely want task lighting. If it is used for more of a storage or hang-out area with bar stools, then ambient lighting will work fine. Pendants are a great choice for hanging over a seated island space. Consider pairing with contemporary Ceiling Roses. You’ll find Ceiling Roses from Creative Cables.

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Those wishing to install under cabinet lighting will find a mix of task and accent lighting works effectively. This is an area that requires a sharper focus, as the ambient lighting in the room can cast shadows here. Options for under cabinet lighting include recessed, strip or puck lights.

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For the ceiling space, you’ll want to choose ambient lighting. This is probably the most important area and where you want the maximum illumination. For evenly spaced great coverage, recessed downlights are a popular choice. If there may be times when you don’t want the light so bright, choose a dimmable option so you can match your lighting to your circumstances.

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