How to steam tamales

Tamales are a traditional Mexican delicacy made with Masse, a dough made from corn, and a meat or cheese filling. Steaming tamales is an easy and delicious way to cook them. Use a steamer or improvise and use a plate and aluminum foil to create the same steaming effect. Enjoy the savory tamales on their […]

How to Keep Your Home Gas Safe

If you’ve purchased a new home or have one that is just starting to get old, then you will probably need to know how to keep your home gas safe. Since there are many different gas appliances in homes today, there is a chance that gas can escape into the air. You should have a […]

Tips for effectively lighting your kitchen

Kitchens are often said to be the heart of the home and as such, requires some consideration when it comes to lighting. Balanced lighting is key for this room, as there are a variety of tasks that occur in the kitchen, from cooking to homework! It is important to ensure that key areas are well […]

Industrial style kitchens: 5 keys to recreate them

Industrial style kitchens are one of the trends that devastates the design of any room in the house, including the kitchen. A fashion that, in addition to favoring the mixture of styles, has boosted the taste for industrial aesthetics, especially when it comes to recreating interiors with a modern and urban look.