How to Start Planning your Perfect Conservatory

Over the past eighteen months, most of us have spent a lot more time at home! If you have realised that you would just like a little more space in your home after being cooped up for so long, adding an extension is a great alternative to moving house. One of the best ways to […]

What was the Great Victorian Stink

We have a lot to thank the Victorians for. Not only did they develop technologies that we still use today but they also helped to bring about one of the biggest changes in human health and sanitisation – drainage and flushing toilets. They are one of the reasons we have the wonderful drainage systems that […]

How to Diagnose Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors are very important and they need utmost care especially if they are frequently used. A heavily used garage door is susceptible to experiencing some common garage door problems at some time. Even if your garage door works perfectly fine, it is still essential to conduct a regular inspection of the mechanism to avoid […]

How to Unblock a Sink

There are many ways on how to unblock a sink. One of which is by doing a basic drain cleaning. However, if you find that your office sink is often blocked you might want to look at how often it is cleaned and whether a Office Cleaning Tewkesbury company can help you out with regular […]

How Important Is It To Have Essential Bedroom Furniture?

Essential bedroom furniture can be the difference between a satisfying bedroom and a frustrating bedroom. The bed, of course, is the first piece of furniture in any bedroom. It’s important for the bed to match the rest of the bedroom. In essence, there should be harmony in the bedroom; however, sometimes this does not happen. […]

Getting your Wardrobe Cleared Out and Organised

There is not a great deal to do right now – its dark and cold outside, so why not put all that spare time indoors to good use and have a wardrobe clear out? It is easy to get our wardrobes in a muddle – we can just shut the door on them and say […]

How to Improve Your Home's Exterior?

A question that has been on people’s minds since time immemorial is how to improve their home’s exterior. We all want our homes to look great and impressive to guests. There is no such thing as an exterior that is going to remain unscathed after years of exposure to the elements. Therefore, in order to […]

Everything You Need To Know About Down Valuations

A down valuation is where a mortgage lender estimates that a property is worth less than the buyer has offered for it and is not happy to take a risk on the loan. Before you panic, there are things you can do if the property you want to buy, or sell has been down valued. […]

Protect Your Home from Christmas burglaries

Christmas is an exciting time for families old and young alike. It is a time to enjoy being together and to relax a little. Unfortunately, at this time of the year this plays right into the hands of people who also enjoy the festive period for different reasons – burglars. The dark days and the […]

Why it’s important to have planning maps

A local authority would likely need planning maps to support the application when you request a planning application for a new property or construction. It’s crucial to make sure you use the correct form of Planning Maps, as your application may otherwise be postponed or even rejected. A number of areas should be detailed, and […]