Is Money Laundering the same as Tax Evasion

In the world of finance there are certain grey areas that defy definition and if they occur often go to the courts. However, there are two areas of finance that are thought of as clearly wrong and illegal. These are Money laundering and tax evasion. However it cannot be said that both are the same […]

Investing your money wisely, advice for beginners

There are a few rules to remember when thinking about investing your hard earned money:  Never invest more than you can afford to lose, Don’t put all the money you want to invest into the same account, If you can’t leave your investment alone to grow for at least five years, then put your money […]

The training you should consider for your staff members.

Being an effective manager is all about getting the best out of your team as well as ensuring that you meet all the targets and goals that have been set for the overall business. One of the ways that you can help your team members is to make sure that you enrol them on any […]

Steps to Ensure Banks Are Complying With KYC Regulations

What is KYC? Simply put, it’s a process that allows banks and other financial institutions to verify the identity of customers and eliminates the risk of fraud. KYC checks are important especially for those fighting against money laundering. Failing to perform KYC can lead to criminal prosecution or fines, or even reputational damage. Image credit […]