Berserk is the gem of anime that many protect and adore the moment they see it, and it is no wonder it is a series full of quality and with a plot as serious and raw as few.

Up to date with berserk and want more? Don’t worry, today we want to give you anime like berserk that you can’t miss.

Anime like Berserk

It should be noted that these animes have certain characteristics of Berserk, but nevertheless, they are not copies and paste, at the end of the day we are talking about work too famous to be copied.

With that said let’s start the list:

Bastard !!: Ankoku no Hakai KamiAnime like Berserk

Bastard! It is an anime based on the Kingdom of Metallica. It is a world of sorcery and magic and is set in the style of Dungeons and Dragons.

To save everyone, the High Priestess has her daughter awaken the Dark Tailor, a wizard and former leader of the Order, in the body of a 14-year-old boy named Lucerenren.

Bastard!! and Berserk is set in a similar era. Both anime have similar protagonists, so look at you Bastard !!!!

For fans looking for something like Berserk, I think it’s a worthwhile anime.

The difference is that Jerk could be the fact that he is more comical and “Berserk” is more serious.

GungraveAnime like Berserk

The story follows Brandon Hitt when he is betrayed by his best friend, Harry McDowell. But instead of dying, he was reborn from beyond the grave by the power of the dead.

And now he has a new mission: to avenge his best friend. The story goes back to how Brandon and Harry grew up in the Underworld, and why Brandon died.

Daredevil and Berserk are very similar in that they are both serious and the settings are old and dark.

As for the plot, both anime are developed in the same way.

The main characters are very similar, so I thought it would be a good anime for Berserk fans.

One thing that is similar, but not the same is the moment of the story.

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Shingeki no kyojinAnime like Berserk

Attack on Titan follows the adventures of Eren Jaeger, his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackermann, and their childhood friend Armin Alert.

After the wall that protects his hometown is destroyed and pierced by the Titans.

Eren watches one of them eat his mother in front of him. Eren and the others vow to kill all the Titans and join the army to protect humanity.

Attack on Titan is similar to Berserk in some ways. Here, there is a little brown-haired boy who will do anything to achieve his goal.

Berserk is bloodier in some respects, but Attack on Titan is an anime that is very scary because of the way it is done.

And the way the Titans eat people, it’s really bizarre and terrifying.

ClaymoreAnime like Berserk

The anime takes place on a medieval island where humans are harassed by a human-eating shifter named Yuma.

A mysterious organization called Division has created a human hybrid to eliminate the Yuma, but it comes at a price.

This hybrid is a female warrior in an armored suit, publicly referred to as “Claymore.”

The similarities to Berserk are few, but there are some differences.

Both are set in the Middle Ages, both feature great long sword fights, and both are very gritty anime that doesn’t skimp on blood and action.

I enjoyed them but was surprised at first.


Van Helsing was an organization named after the Protestant Royal Order of Knights.

Originally, the organization was led by Abraham Van Helsing. Hellsing’s mission was to track down and destroy all the undead and evil forces that threatened the Queen and Britain.

This anime is very similar to “Berserk”. There are mainly demons in her, but there is also blood and gore.

It’s a very funny anime and immediately gets you into the action of the story. One of the differences is the century in which the series takes place. However, it leaves you the same feeling.

Ninja scrollAnime like Berserk

Set in feudal Japan, this anime is about Kamikubei, a mercenary ninja whose mission is to protect the Dragon Stone and protect Shigure and Kikohide, priestesses of light, from the Heiko family.

This anime will take you on a great adventure in the old days of Japan.

It is very similar to Berserk, with a lot of blood and gore.

The main characters in both anime are very, very similar and Ninja Scroll is the same feeling you get from watching Berserk.

The series is immediately gripping, and I’m not surprised that you’ve enjoyed Ninja Scroll as much as Berserk.

They are two great anime that share many similarities in terms of characters, story, and genre.


At the beginning of the Edo period, Tokugawa Tadanaga decided to hold a tournament to determine the best swordsman in Japan.

Wooden weapons had been used in previous tournaments, but this time live steel was used.

The one-armed Gennosuke Fujiki and the blind Kiyomoto Iraku were disciples of the same master, competing to see who was better.

Like “Barenbo Shogun,” “SHIKON” isn’t just an animated adaptation of the original, and it’s not afraid to show the macabre.

Do you remember the feeling of being cursed at the end of the 1997 anime “Berserk”? This series gives you a little taste of it every time.

GantzAnime like Berserk

In terms of the story, the setting, and even a sympathetic protagonist, Berserk and Gantz couldn’t be more different.

However, there are some things where they tend to go wrong. Blood, guts, and guts.

Did you enjoy the brutal and often unfair fights in “Berserk”? So, you’ll probably also love watching the characters and aliens get brutalized in GANTZ.

Unfortunately, the only thing “Gantz” has in common with “Berserk” is that it only covers a small part of the absolutely brutal content of the work.

Hokuto no Ken

Kenshiro, a betrayed and disgraced martial artist, travels the post-apocalyptic world in search of his rival Shin, who kidnapped his fiancée.

The Fist of the North certainly shows its age, but it was fierce before turning violent.

Our hero, who thinks he is immortal, fights against all odds to take revenge on the only man who seems to rule the wasteland. This will make many go crazy.

Mugen no juuninAnime like Berserk

Manji, a cursed swordsman with immortality and disgusted with himself for being unable to do anything but kill, makes a deal with a witch who tells him that if he kills one bad person for every good person he kills, he can finally die.

And so his journey begins. The story of betrayal and revenge is not really Manji’s, but rather that of his traveling companion, Rin, who vows revenge on the man who killed her family.

Guin saga

Berserk is inspired by this anime. Therefore, most of the people who have seen the anime consider that some parts of “The Legend of Guin” are similar to those of “Berserk”.

Not only is it a medieval world in which two countries are at war, but the most important thing is that the protagonist,

Guin is literally a leopard-headed warrior. The only difference between the Guin Saga and Berserk is that the former has amnesia and is not a simple mercenary.

KingdomAnime like Berserk

While “Berserk” was set in medieval fantasy Europe, “Kingdom” is set in the period of the Warring States.

It tells the story of Shin, an orphan and a slave, and his friends, who share his dream of one day becoming a great general.

Without being as violent as Berserk, Kingdom’s protagonist is essentially a teenage Guts with shonen manga ambitions.