How an accountant can help you

Accountants Cheltenham work with many different kinds of businesses each day and the tasks that they undertake for these businesses can differ greatly. Having a professional accountancy firm looking after your business finances means that you can ensure that you stay on the right side of business and finance legislations and can help you to […]

What is Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition, that over time causes the person who has it to develop worse symptoms, which is known as a progressive neurological condition. It is a disease that starts to develop when some of the cells in the brain stop working correctly – these are the cells that produce the chemical […]

10 movies like 500 days of summer

Get over it, Summer is not bad and Tom fell madly in love like any of us. In the end, she meets a man who removes her insides and he simply keeps waiting for someone else to supply what he felt for the girl. It is the love story of all of us, like it […]

What the lockdown DIY boom meant for retailers

While many DIY stores were closed in March as the country went into lockdown, business was kept afloat by cost-saving measures such as the government’s furlough scheme and implementing online sales and delivery ahead of stores being allowed to re-open later in the year. Lockdown seemed like a perfect time to tackle some DIY projects […]

What Are ‘Smart Shelves’ and How Are They Changing the

The in-store retail experience has had a long time to reach perfection. The industry has spent decades coming to understand the logistics of filling and arranging shelves and the psychology of how shoppers interact with them. The next step is to add technology to the equation with smart shelves. Image Credit What Are Smart Shelves? […]

What Are the Latest Innovations We Can Expect to See

Park homes are an extremely popular choice. The provide high-quality affordable housing, often situated in beautiful surroundings near local amenities. Homes are finished to a high standard and incorporate many of the latest innovations in building technologies too. So here are just a few of the latest developments that demonstrate that park homes are definitely […]

What is Gazumping?

When buying a home, a lot of buyers are confused by the term gazumping. Gazumping happens when a seller accepts an offer from a prospective buyer, but then immediately accepts a much higher price from another person. Gazumping can also be referred to as “price shopping” by sellers who suddenly change their mind and accept […]

Make sure you look after your back

We are all guilty of neglecting our backs. Whether it is lifting heavy items incorrectly or sitting for long periods of time at our desks. But it is important that we try where possible to do things to help the muscles in our backs to recover. Here are a few things that we can all […]

How to find out about the History of Wool

A history of wool is an interesting topic as it relates to the history of the wool industry and how it has changed. When looking at a history of wool, we can see the history of the production of wool and what it takes to produce it. There is a lot more information on this […]

What Helpful Aids are there to use around your Home?

As we get older and our minds and bodies can’t manage to do the things, they used to do, having helpful aids around your home to make things easier for you to still manage independently is a blessing. From long handled reaching aids to clever kitchen utensils, walking frames and grab rails there are dozens […]