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Places to put your radiator

It can be costly and difficult to uninstall a radiator, so it makes sense to plan carefully where you will place them in terms of appearance and maximum efficiency, particularly if you are installing a new system.

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There are many handy methods for installing radiators, and finding the right places in the home is the first step toward a long-lasting, successful heating system.


Hallways see draughts as doors open and close and people pass through, and this main artery can lose a lot of heat. Radiators here can be eco-friendly in creating warm air, which can siphon heat through into adjacent rooms. Your hallway is the ideal place to showcase your new radiator designs.

Under the window

A radiator under a window will not lose heat as you might expect. In fact, this arrangement means that heat will not rise and leave the home. Instead, cold air entering the window will be infused with heat thanks to the rising warm air.

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If you have a particularly draughty window, it makes sense to place a radiator under it, therefore saving energy and employing draughts to best effect.

Never behind furniture

You will waste energy if you put a radiator behind a sofa. Hiding radiators by putting them behind furniture will lessen their heat output. Space-saving alternatives are vertical radiators, which use height rather than width.

Kitchen radiators

Heat fluctuates in a kitchen, so it is difficult to assess what arrangement will work best. With many appliances in the room exuding heat, the kitchen will probably not need heating to the same extent as the remainder of the house. Therefore, you should think about radiators with a dual fuel output. This means that you can alter your radiator from centrally heated like the other radiators in your home to electric, where it works independently of the other heating units in your home.

Ideal Home has some good advice on radiators and central heating systems.

Bathroom radiators

Bathroom radiators are similar to kitchen radiators in the sense that heat in this room fluctuates. Despite being one of the smallest rooms in the house, the demand is the biggest. Take a look at multi-functional radiators like towel rails, which act as storage, or investigate vertical options that can save space.

You can find a vast range of Aluminium Radiators UK manufactured that will work in a variety of different locations and rooms.

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The clothes every modern man should own

A White Shirt

A plain white shirt is an absolute essential for every modern man’s wardrobe, whether it’s a plain weave or a herringbone. Both are timeless elegant classics and work for a myriad of occasions. A button-down medium collar works well with any face shape and can be worn with virtually anything. The material should definitely be cotton weave or a herringbone twill, which are both durable and the pinnacle of style.

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A Short Sleeve Shirt

A smart casual staple, this must be worn in the contemporary trend of slim fit and sleeve finishing mid-bicep. Cotton is preferable for its breathability and absorbency and looks best when worn in a plain colour, light pattern or on trend mature floral design for ultimate summer style. You will want to make sure you have plenty of coat hangers in your Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes to ensure that your shirts stay nice and pressed.

A Flannel Suit

Cary Grant looked extremely debonair in one and the flannel suit is still a masterclass in sophistication today. It has much to offer, aside from its Hollywood appeal, as it is highly versatile and functional. The suit trousers can be combined with a blazer to create another timeless look and it’s the perfect choice for autumn and winter, either formal or smart casual events.

A Navy Blazer

This is one of the strongest items in a man’s wardrobe and stands separately to the jacket that comes with your suit. A navy blazer can be combined with khakis, jeans or flannel trousers and dressed up in the details with mother of pearl buttons or a patch pocket, for example.

A Trench Coat

Another classic piece, this coat has a past in military history. It is the ideal raincoat and comes with an amazing silhouette when worn in a double-breasted style. It can work well in a casual outfit but looks at its best when thrown over the top of a formal suit.


These cotton trousers are incredibly popular thanks to their versatility and comfort. Choose a pair in a light neutral shade like stone, sand or khaki and pair up with almost any kind of jacket, shirt or sweater. They can be found in a flat-front or pleated design and can often be worn as smart casual, even in the office.

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A Sweater

Surely there are no men’s wardrobes anywhere on earth without sweaters inside? They are an absolute essential for the modern guy, such is their practicality and comfort. V-neck styles can be worn with a shirt and tie for an alternative formal look but can also be used as a layering piece with jeans and boots. Worn on its own or under a coat and scarf, or a lightweight summer one to be thrown over a t-shirt in the evenings – the sweater is a garment for all men and all occasions.

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