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Getting the best help for your brand

If you run a business and you’re thinking about rebranding or coming up with a new marketing strategy, then you probably could do with the help of a leading creative agency. It is a company that will work with you on developing highly effective plans for branding and innovative marketing strategies. If you have never […]

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Where to go on an Irish Holiday

Whether you have visited Ireland many times or you are planning your first trip to the Emerald Isle, Ireland is full of fabulous places to enjoy a holiday. Whether you want stunning scenery, fun at the seaside, or a bustling big city, Ireland has it all. Here are the places to visit in Ireland…. Image […]

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Common boiler problems that can occur

Our boilers are incredibly important for providing our homes with heat and hot water and there is nothing more frustrating than stepping in for your morning shower to find out that your heating system isn’t working correctly. There are a number of commons issues that can occur with your boiler and heating system and all […]

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Protecting your back at work.

We don’t mean making sure that you don’t get into trouble; we are referring to the protection of your physical back. The problems of back pain are real. About 2.8 million work days are lost because of chronic back pain in both the lower and the upper. However most of these, like sciatica, are preventable […]

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The world of James Dean

Image credit James Dean is one of the most remembered actors of all time. Women fell in love with him and men wanted to be like him. He even influenced the world of fashion and was one of a few actors that helped bring T-Shirts out from being classes as underwear and into mainstream fashion. […]